Gateway Plaza

Kelowna, BC

Gateway Plaza, located at the prominent intersection of Highway 97 and Burtch Avenue, will consist of a combination of wood frame and steel construction. The new building will be nestled close to the intersection, creating a more visible presence for businesses, as well as an appealing and welcoming atmosphere, drawing in vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian traffic alike. Parking will be located at the rear of the building eliminating the highly visible sea of cars common to many other developments of this nature, putting the focus back onto the resident Businesses. A large tower featured at the corner of the building serves to create a meeting place for which people can move in both directions around the building to discover and explore the various services provided. The use of highly articulated landscaping, canopies and decorative signage, and small entrance features on each of the faces of the building will further entice passers-by, and reinforces the importance of this intersection to provide for a more visually urban setting. Gateway Plaza is just that, a gateway building which will help set the standard for future developments in this area.

Project Type: Commercial
Project Size: 18,762  ft2 / 1,743 m2
Client / Owner: Jabs Group of Companies

Our Role: CRP, Designer, Architect, Building Envelope Consultant