Skyview Terraces

Kelowna, BC

Skyview Terraces is located centrally in the heart of Kelowna. European inspired design, coupled with luxurious living features creates a one of a kind living experience for the buyer. Each unit is provided with windows in all of the occupied spaces to allow for natural day lighting and views, reducing energy consumption required for illumination. The three storey building design allows for residents to have the space and feel of a single family dwelling while living within an urban social community and setting. The site design is based on these similar transitional principles with public, semi-private and private open spaces, creating a modern urban form and social lifestyle. All aspects of the site and buildings have been utilized with public and private walkways, roof-top patio spaces and a central courtyard. Envelope details that prevent water and moisture ingress, yet still allow the assemblies to dry preventing mold growth and healthy living. South and West facing windows will be specified to have appropriate shading and glazing coefficients to utilize the summer sun by blocking the heat while still allowing the winter sun to penetrate, reducing cooling and heating loads in the summer and winter seasons respectively.

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Project Type: Multi-Family Residential
Project Size: 40 – 2,022 ft2 Residential units in 11 buildings: Overall 20, 880 ft2 / 7,517 m2
Client / Owner: Kelowna Highland Developments Ltd.
Contractor: Kelowna Highland Developments Ltd.
Our Role: CRP, Architect, Building Envelope Consultant