West Kelowna Civic Centre

West Kelowna

In 2014 proponents were asked to complete a design exercise to propose a new Civic Centre for the District of West Kelowna. Each proponent used a different piece of land for this design exercise whose purpose was to re-establish the West Kelowna Town Center as the social, cultural and civic heart of the community. Our design is comprised of a mixture of housing commercial and government functions, encouraging a diversity of lifestyles and incomes, spread out over 6 plus levels. The central unifying theme throughout the entire project is the use of multiple levels of open landscaped plaza. It is augmented by carefully placed and articulated areas of grass, fountains and play areas with trees and shrubs forming a linear man made park. The central multi level landscape plaza areas offered unique opportunities for pedestrian interplay and also connects the various levels of both civic and commercial buildings. There was space provided for Interior Health, a restaurant rentable commercial space, and featuring residential units on the upper levels. The parking was hidden from the public view but completely accessible through many different vertical and horizontal access locations on levels one (1) through three (3). In our design, we believe we had created a connection of our project to other parts of the city with a high quality interface. This uses our plaza and its green elements making it part of a network to connect the various aspects of our multi use and multi component site with those of others as well as addressing future uses and a community focal point.

Project Type:  Master Planning / Design Exercise
Project Size:
2,456 m2 / 26,438 ft2 – Civic Centre
1,368 m2 / 14,726 ft2 – Commercial Space
10,687.9 m2 / 115,043.50 ft2 – Residential
Our Role:  Designer
Client / Owner: District of West Kelowna